13 September 2011

How many words are there in the Thesaurus for 'procrastination'?

Look, I had to post this funny, funny photo I got from InTraining this week.  This is me, about 500 metres from the finish of the Gold Coast Marathon.  Look at me!  I am having so much fun!  After running all that way…  No blood, no sweat, no tears.  What did I do wrong?  Ha, ha!

I should have posted this photo when I was raving on about the Joy of Reading.  I think dad is reading us, "Where the Wild Things Are", an absolute classic of paediatric literature, guaranteed to make all children behave themselves.  I loved that chair….  It was "dad's chair" and if I shut my eyes now, I can feel it and smell it.  I wish it was here in my house with me now.  
So, instead of spending precious time writing my assignments for uni, I am sitting here dilly-dallying and vacillating. I might wander into the kitchen in a minute, open the 'fridge door and stand there looking in.  FYI there is not one single truly yummy thing in there because Spud and I are on our pre-UK holiday crash diet.  We know that once we hit the cosy pubs of Dorset and Orkney, our waistlines are doomed.  So, it's salads for us and dry biscuits.  Booohooo! Okay, deadlines are ticking.  I must get back it.  I have been a bit morose this week secondary to the whole 9/11 ten-year anniversary.  At first I just didn't want anything to do with it. I wanted it to go away and become a distant memory.  What is the point of rehashing it all, I asked myself?  However, a weekend at home alone with my uni work and free access to Google had me eyeing off stories here and there.  The first one, about the dogs that were involved in the rescue 10 years ago.  
Then another story about things they'd found in the wreckage that they'd been able to return to family.  And slowly it consumed me, just a little bit though.  There were images I could not or did not want to see.  Then, I saw a young boy at the memorial service, saying his dad's name out and adding the words, "you gave me life and now I wish you were here to share it with me".  Oh dear.  That was the end of me.  The horrible reality of the day came tumbling back. As much as I want to forget that day forever, it will always haunt me - and all of us.  I can't say enough how much I wish it had never, ever, ever happened. It seems that ever since then the world has been worse for it.  The only beautiful thing for me about the memorial was that my two Brooklyn-based "nieces" Violet and Bolivia sang in the choir at the memorial service, which you can see here.  The choir starts at about 2 mins in.  I guess if you can bear to watch long enough, you will see that little boy…  I don't want to see it again. It is so heartbreaking.  Why can't ALL of humankind learn to love each other and get on with each other?  

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