09 September 2011

The joy of reading

Hi readers - if I have any left...  It is so difficult to keep on top of my blog.  I am falling behind.  As a result, I am actually writing this whilst at work.  I know, I know. B.A.D but I just can not let things slide one minute longer.  So, yesterday was World Literacy Day. I am very interested in literacy - especially literacy for women.  I would really like to spend more time getting to know it and being involved in it.  Being able to read is such a wonderful delight that to think some people have no idea how to read and therefore, no concept of the joys that are to be found in a book, breaks my heart. 

Look at these gorgeous, sweet, cute little girls.  Ellis and Violet.  They are my cousins' kids (the photo is about 8 years old now and they have morphed into beautiful, talented young ladies).  I am surrounded at work by Prophets of Meteorological Doom.  They are fixated on El Nina and the conviction that our upcoming Australian summer will be fraught with torrential rain, howling winds and soaring temperatures.  I don't want to hear this!  Especially as I am relying heavily on a clear, dry, balmy, warm summer evening for our nuptials. 
I found this on Pinterest (of course). I am utterly addicted to Pinterest.  Have I announced this previously?  Hmm...  What a source of inspiration and delight!  It's become the primary tool of my procrastination in these days of assignment writing.  Writing features for my journalism degree is nowhere near as much fun as writing my blog, or writing letters to friends or (ooops, I've just been busted by my co-worker, Cherry, who is busy filing and billing and actually doing work) .... or tinkering on Twitter or Pinterest or Facebook.  I got my Profile draft back, completely smothered in corrections with the suggestion that I re-write it completely, putting the end at the beginning.  Heartbreaking.  I am also working on a magazine about pop-up shops.  I have the required amount of words (in excess actually) but the whole lot is absolute crap.  Next is a news feature and I've elected to write about nurse practitioner clinics.  Let's see if I can put at least one decent article together this weekend....  I appreciate the craftsmanship of creating something readable but I never appreciated how difficult it was to do. I thought I had some god-given natural ability.  HA, have I had a rude shock!  Maybe once I am up and running I can move into this fabulous apartment in Dumbo, New York.  Absolutely fab and just a stone's throw (or ten) from downtown Manhattan and the head office of the New York Times.  To finish... a photo of me being bridesmaid to my lovely friend Annie in about 1988... 

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