27 September 2011

OMG! I did it! We have photos...

Right-o readers. I THINK I have overcome my techno pigmy-ism via a combination of two iPad "apps" & sheer good luck or bluff... Herewith photos that go with my last two posts! Will this work?

Enjoying half pint at The Devonshire Ams

My very, very favourite sculpture of the moment - in the stables courtyard at Chatsworth

Veg for beer?

This sculpture at Chatsworth was truly incredible - it's made of rubber tyres and steel. It's so... so... "powerful"

This is Haddon Hall, where they filmed 'Jane Eyre'.

The view front the corner parapet where Jane looks out for the miserable, surly Rochester.

Another mad sculpture at Chatsworth - by a pond...

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