17 October 2011

Reality chomps...

Right. I consider myself justifiably told off for not blogging. It's completely true. Why haven't I written about the joy of my return to work or the delight at finding my running ability has disappeared down the drain-hole, or even the ecstasy of opening my credit card statement & overdue gas account? The past week has just been a flurry of bliss. Can I cry now? Oh holiday, you seem SO long ago.... To be honest, the first week has not been awful at all really. I was able to see my first Beginner Bites column in all its glossy glory AND open the letter containing my first ever writing pay cheque. I will bank it any minute now, once I have photocopied it to frame! I am so thrilled. You just can't imagine. I am a "proper" writer now and already my Editor (ha, ha, doesn't that sound good?) is at me for images for my next column. Unfortunately, I don't really have any so this morning Spud & I "staged" some to go with my next article.  
So, with only 48 days until my wedding to Spud, I need to get back into shape after the carb-fest of the UK.  I started swimming again this morning and that was … er…  interesting.  Really, I want to know how anyone travels in a forward direction when they aren't wearing flippers. How?  I just seemed to go backward. It was appalling.  Even worse was the sight of a portly, hirsute older man in the pool in  a flesh-pink G-string at 5.50am!  Ewwwwww….. That is WRONG.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  When I try to Google a picture of a man in a g-string to add to this blog, I just get nasty websites so I've stopped.   You will just have to use your imaginations.  My cat is jealous of this computer! He is not letting me type… There is fur flying all over the keyboard, with a tail flicking over it too like an angry snake.  How am I going to maintain my literary career with TimTheCat living here too?  I have only one more assignment to hand in for this semester - the 2nd draft of my magazine feature article - and university is now over!  Mid-October.  It's nuts.  What about the rest of the year?  I am just getting the hang of it and they've pulled the pin on me.  I guess I can spend the time writing more stories.  I have written a piece about our holiday in Orkney and my tutor is going to look at it for me.  She knows someone in the Travel Section of the local newspaper so maybe something will come of it?  My head is spinning with dreams of big things, but I need to keep my feet on the ground.  My rendition may be utter crap and only good for toilet paper.  Let's just see. Meanwhile, I am going to consider these wise words from Steve and practice what he advises.

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