07 October 2011

Will I ever shut up?

Okay, it's possibly true that I need to go to Bloggers Anonymous but, given we are about to fly thousands of miles across the ocean (including over the war-torn Middle East), I have to take every opportunity to punch out a few words, don't I?

So, here is The Circus in Bath. We did the full Jane Austen thing and I found myself wishing I could even dress up in a Regency frock... Bath was very, very pretty and one of my favourite spots of the holiday. We stayed at the Best Western Abbey Hotel, which was really well located but I think the wotif.com special deal entitles you to the drunken midnight yobbos whose yahoo-ing reverberates up the channels created by the buildings. Thank goodness for chemicals is all I can say... Could it just be that I am turning into a ... Q'el horreur! ... Grumpy Old Woman? NO!!!

After eventually waking up a bit cranky, Spud took me off to the Roman Baths (http://www.romanbaths.co.uk/) which were AMAZING! The display is fantastically informative with incredible information. I loved it & wished we could stay longer. I would have liked to dip my toes in but they were very anti-dip because of fear of contamination. Below is the actual stonework from the actual entrance to the baths, circa 2000 years ago.

This is one of the hot pools. The water level during later years is marked by the orange line but when it was restored, they dropped the level back to where it was during Roman times.

So, now we are at the airport having a drink and people-watching. Remember me telling you about my rock from Charmouth Beach? Well, my rock befuddled them at the security screening. I forgot it was in my handbag! Amazingly, they didn't take it (phew...) One of the security walk-through thingos had been decorated by some light-hearted soul with a big cardboard rainbow! Too funny. This is at Heathrow let me remind you, not Dubbo International. Okay, time to sign off and switch this wonderful little device off. Thank you Steve Jobs for all you have given us. See you back in Australia everyone :o)

Location:Heathrow Terminal 4

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Anonymous said...

Will you ever shut up? Apparently, yes. Just bring you back home from foreign shores, back to humdrum reality, and you disappear! Come back, Jen - we miss you! Or perhaps that should be 'Go away again, Jen - we miss you!'