08 December 2011

A frigid honeymoon

Hello readers!
Yes, let me put my woolly slippers on.  My tracky dacks.  My snuggly, cosy jumper.  Oh, what?  I didn't bring any of these things on my summer beachside honeymoon?  Why ever not?  Oh dear. It is so, so, so chilly & damp & cold & wet.   Booooohooooo!  We are staying at a gorgeous beachside eco-resort with a magnificent swimming pool that I've yet to submerge myself in.  It's just too cold!  And the lovely timber day beds and deck chairs around the pool are all wet & soggy.  However, I refuse to let it get me down.  
Welcoming sign at the entrance to the beach 

No sign of any snakes yet but that would be because snakes like to SUNBAKE, right? 

We took a walk on Tallow Beach yesterday morning, before the rain set in.

The other frozen thing on our summer honeymoon is my shoulder, which is precariously close to becoming chronically frozen, rather than just jammed for an hour or two every morning.  Yesterday I even resorted to visiting a physiotherapist at Lennox Head for some relief!  He has taped my shoulder up which has helped a little.  The copious amounts of hypafix and elastoplast also very attractive - but luckily I don't have a chance to wear any strappy sun dresses and am able to hide it all under the one long-sleeved tee shirt I have.

Life in the ponds around the resort.  

Jonathan hugging the Healing Tree, blessed by an aboriginal elder, a Buddhist priest and an Anglican minister... Bound to work and in fact, today I hear his head cold is much improved.  There you go.  Maybe I should go hug it too - except I can't get my arm up that high.

Spotted at brekky this morning in Bangalow.  Pretty well sums up the only things left to do, other than EAT...

We spent today at Bangalow, browsing the shops and visiting the post office to send off Christmas cards.  We did single-handedly boost the Bangalow economy briefly and had quite a lovely time doing so!  The big story in Byron Shire at the moment is that the local council want to privatise the Shire's multiple markets, which seems like an utterly crazy idea.  The markets have been run very successfully for many years by the local council and they are where the local craftspeople, artisans and farmers are able to sell their wares.  The vibe is so great and the products sold are truly beautiful.  Privatisation will just encourage franchisees and cheap Chinese-made trash, which will destroy the personality AND cause economic hardship to the local people.  Kerry O'Brien (ex-7.30 Report) lives here now and chaired a meeting this week to discuss how this can be averted.  Anyway, there is a website up and running and I encourage anyone who loves their local markets to take a look.  

I've not written to Santa yet!  I actually don't need to - for myself, as I have everything I could ever want and more.  

This morning's newspaper headline.  You wouldn't read about it ... but you just did!

On a happier (warm & toasty) note, my friend Shane has uploaded some photos he took at our wedding via this website so take a peek. I am going to attach some of my favourite ones to this blog.  

I love this photo of mum!  It captures her personality so perfectly!

Off to have another hot coffee and eye off the pool which I am determined to get into, no matter how cold it is!  We went to the Byron Bay Farmer's Market this morning, in our rubber sandals & shorts, and manouvered (sp?) the puddles to enjoy the fruit & veg, home made cheeses, cakes and breads & all the glorious flowers.  The Mullumbimby Farmer's Market is tomorrow so we will go then, hoping it is not so wet, and we will buy supplies to bring home on Saturday.  Despite the rain & cold, we are having a lovely holiday!

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