18 December 2011

Writing up a storm

Here I go again, with the usual lament… Where does the time go?  I have been so busy lately but if you were to ask me what I've been doing, I couldn't answer you satisfactorily.  To be honest, this last week we have been entertaining my Los Angeles-based cousin & his wife & son so, as you can imagine, I was pretty exhausted after entertaining a five year-old for a few days.  If only I had that kind of energy!  He helped me decorate our tree …
Christmas lights in the neighbourhood.  Love it! 
I took them to the GoMA on Monday to see the Yayoi Kasuma where the Obliteration Room provided much mental stimulation - for all of us.  

I then introduced them to the beach at SouthBank Parklands and that was IT.  They were in heaven.  They couldn't believe that a)  we'd had free entry to the gallery and now, b)  there was this fabulous free pool!  It made me realise how lucky we are to have the facilities we do.  Jonathan had hurt his back badly earlier in the week, requiring an (ultimately free) visit to Gold Coast Hospital for review.  I'd assumed that because they were from America, everything would be better there but apparently not.  It does seem our cost of living is much, much higher here but then, so is the quality of life it seems.  
Another super FREE thing spotted at SouthBank.  Fantastic!
The next day, after another visit to the beach, I took them all to Lone Pine Koala Park, which was sensational!  I've never been before and really enjoyed it.  It was just … nice.  Not too big or flashy.  Kind of …. daggy, in the BEST possible way.   
This was at the Platypus House - decorating the wall outside.  
We got a really good squizz at a platypus, which was absolutely fascinating. There were also koalas with babies on their backs, dingos,Tasmanian devils, cockatoos, lorikeets, emus and giant lizards.  We were even treated to the sight of a frill-neck lizard eating a dead mouse.  Gruesome, but Dove loved it!

Bentley the koala - he was quite a whopper

We could sit in amongst the kangaroos
So now our visitors are back in Los Angeles and we are here, settling in to married life.  In light of the comments by my relatives, I am much more appreciative of how lucky we are here in Australia.  So lucky….  Who was it who sang that song about  the lucky country?  Yes, Richard Clapton!    
OMG!  Look at the HAIR!!!  Those were the days…  Molly Meldrum days.  Poor Molly…  He is working hard trying to recover from a head injury, in a critical condition in hospital.  It's a terribly sad thing.  Despite not being a mad music fan, Molly has been a part of my development as a functioning adult.  Really!  Molly and Countdown and Cutex "Blue Opal" nail polish all formed a major part of my early teenage years.  
Get better soon Molly!  You are a National Treasure - in my book anyway.  
Now, I need to get back to my OTHER writing.  Yes, I've been asked to write a column for a new magazine coming out in February called, "Women's Running".  It's a one-off but if I do it proper like (!) they might ask me to do it again!  Wish me luck!  

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