30 December 2011

What a year!

Okay, here is the inevitable re-hash of the year, followed by all my fabulous resolutions for 2012 (which, of course, will fall apart by the end of January.  Maybe by the 6th January to be more specific!).  Actually, I don't really need to tell you about what an utterly INCREDIBLE, MIND-BLOWING, SENSATIONAL 2011 I have had as you have read it all here on this blog already.  I still can't quite believe the incredible feats I have accomplished. It's like I've crawled out of a long, dark tunnel to be greeted by shiny blue sky and opportunities galore, every one of which I have tried to capture.  However, despite all MY personal triumphs, I am acutely aware of the devastation and trauma that many people I know have endured this year secondary to floods, cyclones, earthquakes, cancer treatments and deaths of loved ones. I am just an extremely lucky, lucky person.  Today, I read this amazing post on Mamamia about writing Thank You notes.  It's a great concept and I am going to be more diligent about my notes this year - and not restrict them to dinner party or gift thank yous.

These are not photos I have taken. I got them from the Australia Facebook page and I think they have been taken by lots of different people using Instagram.  They are so gorgeous though and they really make me thankful for the superb and magnificent country in which I live.
Speaking of Mamamia.com.au, yesterday they published my story!!  Yes!  I am still tingling with excitement about it.  As of now, as I write, the story generated 70 reader comments and 41 Facebook comments which is just blowing my mind.  Okay, so alot of the comments streamed from other comments but it made me realise that once your story is OUT THERE, it really is "out there" and you can't reclaim it.  You need to be sure of your facts (though this story was about my own personal experience and knowledge) and you need to be prepared for the reactions.  Generally it was incredibly encouraging but it DID make me see the impact of a published piece. I am really starting to believe in myself now.  I really think I CAN write stuff that people want to read. I think I can!!  And I love writing so much too that it's a double bonus!  I am so happy….  Can this year get ANY better?  Can it?
Me with Anh Do, an extremely inspiring writer who I met in 2010 but I LOVE this photo. It reminds me that I can be a writer too.
Now for 2012:  yawn.  Well, as I sit here on my cluttered up computer, with stuff all over the desktop, I see the copious piles of filing that have built up over six months since the last time I opened the filing cabinet drawer.  Really, what is the POINT of filing? I have been considering scanning things into the computer instead.  It makes more sense. I jut need a scanner now.  And some more memory.  Meanwhile, the stacks of running magazines that I can't bear to throw out because they are full of interesting articles are resembling a teetering geological formation.  Looking at it causes me more anxiety but inevitably, I can always find something more pressing to do than to sort through this s**t.  The Sydney Morning Herald had an interesting article about hoarding but they used the word 'pathological' and really, I don't think I am at that point - yet…  Oh lordy.  So, that is Big Job Number One for 2012.

I have a book - somewhere - called "Sorted" that I bought at Kikki K.  It is really good at helping you get organised..  Now, if only I knew where it was….  Really, the state of my "den" is similar to the state of my mind and it is an absolute A1 necessity for me to get it under control.  I have some serious plans to kickstart myself a new career as a writer/journalist and really, no-one is going to hire me if they can see my office is like this.  Get it together Jen J Williams!!
The other achievement I would like to accomplish this year is to run 10kms in under 50mins.  That is going to take some serious training, strength and core work and dieting to get myself lean and fast.  However, after doing my marathon this year, I know I can do it. I just have to focus.  Again, I am forgoing to desire to learn to sing and to draw/paint for another year.  I would like to re-learn French but honestly, when will I have the time?  I'd also like to become a more confident running coach and also, learn to relaaaaaax….
So, stay tuned.  We will see how this all goes.  HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!  Thanks for joining me in my writing/running/life journey! I am going to end the year with one of my favourite portraits, painted by an Australian artist named Robert Hannaford whose exhibition at the Tweed River Art Gallery was where I photographed this.  Is that allowed? Gulp….

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