01 January 2012

Off the rails...

I wish to ask:  is it very, very wrong to eat a Cherry Ripe for breakfast on New Year's Day?  Is it?  When one is supposedly trying to dump the 2kgs one has piled on in the last month?  In fact, December was quite a month for piling on things.  Things such as traffic infringements, credit card debt and kilograms while at the same time, losing SIX points off my licence and a whole lot of cash out of the bank.  Groan…  Yesterday I was in a bit of a foul mood, having opened my mail to discover I had a speeding ticket to go along with my STOP sign ticket.  Now I have to fork out $500!  More than that though, I am mortified and disappointed in myself for being such an outright criminal .  I've always considered myself A Fine Upstanding Citizen when actually, the dirty truth is that I am a One Woman Crime Spree.
So ashamed….  The problem is that I've become COMPLACENT.  I've been driving for 32 years or so and have had three fines in the entire time, all for speeding (never more than 20km above the limit though!!).  I guess the events of the past three weeks have been a major Slap In The Face for me and brought me back down to earth - with a jolt.  So, I am going to become a right old Nana Driver from now on.  I can't afford not to!
Spotted this sign on the road to mum's place in Mullumbimby.  Very funny.  You had to get quite close to see the little 's' at the end.  Mum of course was happy to jump out and pick up some POTs for all her plants.  We also met Raj Love at the Bangalow Markets.  His hair is actually growing through some kind of felt cap he was wearing and then forming into seriously long dreds that hung to his waist.  He was a hairdressers nightmare!
And with the new year, the new dawn, and all my resolutions, it was with great despair/heartache/misery that I was FORCED to purchase this box of macarons (my favourite treat) from Woolies when I saw it the other day - purely for research, of course - but now there are five left in the box and I am just going to have to Get Rid Of Them immediately to enable me to follow through with my resolutions.  If I just eat them all today, they will be gone then, right?  Of course, I will share with my beloved..!

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