22 January 2012

Quasi-owl love

I am posting some photos today of a family of Tawny Frogmouths that have taken up residence in my friends' tree - just outside their kitchen window.  To suggest I am jealous of such a treat in my own tree is an understatement. However, I have Pete's gorgeous photographs that will sustain me until I am lucky to have my own owl-like family move in.  
Actually, I had mistakenly been thinking that these were OWLS, but they are not!  Thanks to Wikipedia, I have discovered they are in the same family as nightjars  and are not in the owl family at all, despite their appearance.  Their feet are different, for one thing 

Aren't they absolutely magnificent?  The quality of the photos is incredible too.  Look at the texture of their feathers!  The piercing eyes…  Gorgeous.  Pete & Susie think there are two adults and a juvenile.   I would really like a pair here.  We have a frog here that seems to come and go but the only wildlife certainty for us is a permanent family of rascally possums, intent on destroying my passionfruit vine & shaking macadamias off the tree in the middle of the night.  

This morning I went running and took these photos.  The vibe of Brisbane, for me, is captured in these pictures.  Off to work on my CV now as I have been "networking" furiously this week and have a few things In The Pipeline - which may amount to zero but I like to be positive!  I have applied with my uni to do an internship this year so I wonder how THAT will go.  I had to write a bit of a submission outlining the WHYs and WHEREFOREs of why I should be granted an internship.  Blowing my own trumpet is not the easiest thing to do, so I hope my enthusiasm didn't come across as the ramblings of a deluded and desperate student… Yikes! 


Anonymous said...

Just watch the spelling (desperate) and punctuation (whys and wherefores - plurals therefore no apostrophe) and she'll be apples!

Jen said...

Thank you Punctuation Fairy! I've just been stuggling with that other dratted word, "transparency", but I CAN spell haemorrhoids!!