24 January 2012

The sound of rain puts a song in my heart

I love the rain!  I love the sound of it.  The smell of it.  Even the wetness of it - in small doses of course, and from beneath the shelter of my big rainbow-coloured umbrella!  This morning I switched off my alarm clock at 4:45am and snuggled back under the covers to enjoy the glorious cosiness and did not feel one jot guilty about not going to running training.    Now I'm lying on the sofa beside the open window reading my new journalism textbook:  
I'm at the depressing section.  The chapter about Dialectic in Journalism.  What the….?  Dadgum and hellfire!  What the heck are they talking about?  My head is spinning.  I will tell you right now that phenomenology and philosophy (I can hardly spell them, let alone SAY them!) do not feature comfortably in my brain box.  They are like sharp pointed objects in the soft cushion of my mind.  I was at the uni yesterday collecting my assignment and my textbook and - is this a bit sick? - getting excited about going back to classes in a few weeks. I wish it could start NOW!  Seeing my tutor's comments on my assignment REALLY cheered me up a lot as I have been wavering in my confidence this week.  
Chucking in my job to follow my dream….  Sending off stories and getting no responses….  Firing off email applications with dead-ends….  It's all making me quiver a little in my resolve.  However, just a few little words have sprung me back into life!  I celebrated with a very tiny cake.
Okay, you've got me pegged haven't you?  Yes, I am basically blogging to avoid that dratted textbook!  Okay, I am going off to have another stab at it now.  Meanwhile, the frogs in our pond are at risk of being washed out! 
Tell me:  who does not love the Bureau of Meteorology website?  I wish they had an iPhone app… 

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Anonymous said...

Hey, did you finally get your head around the dialectic in journalism.
You can always ask me a question

Best wishes with your study