09 February 2012


I haven't been blogging.  (Derrrr.... really?)  It's because I'm heartbroken.  I've "broken up" with my boss and I'm leaving him.  We've been "together" for five years.  I know this is madness because I am moving on to something I really, really want to do (journalism) but nevertheless, I am sad to be leaving this job, which has been the Best Job I've Ever Had.  Tomorrow is my last day....  I can't explain why I feel like this because the reality is that I am about to embark on a Huge Adventure so I should be excited and happy.  Luckily I have this photo of Colin on my desktop to cheer me up. 
I am busy inspiring myself by reading about writers like Helen Thomas, Christiane Amanpour, Geraldine Brooks and Sally Sara although I'm probably shooting a bit high!  Still what is that famous saying....? 
Shoot for the moon
Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars

During my research, I stumbled upon this wonderful link, thanks to Wikipedia all about Late Bloomers.  I think I might be one...  Did you know that Julia Child was a spy until she became a famous chef?  Andrea Bocelli was a lawyer.  JJ King was a registered nurse and medical secretary.  That's what they'll be saying in a few years - mark my words!!  Ha, ha. 
Meanwhile, back to the NOW.... I have re-submitted one of my stories for the THIRD time to another publication.  If it flunks - again, despite re-writes - I am personally going to set fire to the damned thing and post photos of the flames on this very blog.  I have been reading my Ethics textbook and find myself feeling unhappy about the Flood Inquiry and about the coverage and pressure being applied to staff who may or may not have made errors of judgement regarding the water levels of Wivenhoe Dam during last year's terrible flooding.  For crying out loud!  If they made a mistake, they made a mistake.  There is nothing that can be done now.  There is no point hammering home the same point, over and over. I seriously fear for the mental health of some of these water employees.  Does the media realise how damaging their bombardment can be?  
Meanwhile, I have been wanting to post this story, published in The Guardian last week.  The story really stunned me.  I am ashamed to say that, while I am aware of the refugee problem in Europe, I've never thought much about it and to read this story, about children travelling alone across Europe to find a safe haven was shocking and utterly depressing.  There are so many problems in the world - how can we help everyone?  How?  I feel so out of touch with the grim reality of life.  Do all of us who have such wonderful lives consider just how lucky we are? What really broke me was reading about how much these kids want to go to school.  We don't realise what a privilege it is to have an education, do we? 
I am going to bed now because I am full of misery.  I wish I could do something to be more more... more... useful.  Maybe I can with my journalism.  Maybe.  I hope so.  

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