31 March 2012

Garden breeze

Saturday afternoon in the back garden, surrounded by the various sections of The Australian, listening to the girl next door sing as she hangs washing on the line.  This is the same 14 year-old, hormone-charged girl who also belts out her frustrations on her drum kit every afternoon at 4.35pm....  It's a totally gorgeous, perfect day and best of all, it's not too hot!
This is my friend's wee tot, hard at work decorating his back fence.   I think this photo typifies that glorious backyard feel that we are so lucky to enjoy.  It makes me smile.  Now, if only we could do something about the midgies....  I am having dangerous thoughts involving toxic chemicals :o( 
Work has begun on my Ethics assignment and I currently have 300 words and two Powerpoint slides done.  Only 1500 words more to write - and a few more slides to compose. I've never done a Powerpoint slide show before so I am looking forward to it and hoping that it actually works on the day - but let's just take it one step at a time.  
Spud and Blennie climbed Mount Warning yesterday, armed with bacon sandwiches, apples and home-made chocolate slice.  
Thanks to Sheila Smart for this photo of Mt Warning - at sunset I think? That last little plug is the trickiest part of the walk, as you can see by this view of Spud coming back down, bum first.
So, not much to write for now other than to say I seem to have become completely distracted by my new "career" as a future journalist and my already shaky memory is letting me down badly. I have a creeping dread that I was due to attend a birthday bash last night....  Yikes!  I will apologise now to all my friends reading this blog and let you know that I will re-enter the orbit in June, if you can all hold out that long.  Even my running has taken a hit, with my total loss of mojo to meet any particular running goals this year.  I guess that's a pleasant change though, as opposed to last year where I made the marathon my prime focus.  I am happy to watch others do the hard work this year while I do plenty of cheering!  I have not completely written off my 10km goal but don't think it really is achievable with this chronic sacro-iliac joint issue.  Hmmm, "never say never", right?
Spud and I hit the farmer's market this morning where we bought some lovely fruit and bread and where we shared one of the world's truly magnificent culinary delights:  the breakfast roll, BUT more specifically, THIS breakfast roll ... 
Lashings of bacon and egg smothered in a delicious Bearnaise-type sauce on scrumptiously toasted Turkish bread with crunchy fennel seeds baked into the crust.  It is heaven in a piece of paper, I tell you.  
And while we're on "manly activities" involving climbing mountains and eating bacon and egg rolls, I want to have a gripe about this rack of men's undies spotted at Myer.  Honestly, will you take a look at those colours?  It is a rare man who can carry off such gaudiness, don't you really think?  I mean, yellow is a difficult colour for anyone, let alone when having to compete with possibly fleshy, pale and hirsute areas of the body.  I'm all for some wild colour but after walking by the men's undies department, I am now not going to look at men again in the same way, wondering whether they are all wearing rainbow hues beneath their conservative suits and King Gee shorts.  Do you know, I think this is a spin off from cycling lycra....  It started with socks, moved to lycra and now we're in the knickers region.  Where can it go from here?  Wild facial hair?  Crazy hats?  Thoughts of Wayne Swan and Christopher Pyne in this gear are making me break out in a rash....    Bring on the moustaches!

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Anonymous said...

Pure gold Jen, very funny - just what I needed. No bright orange knickers for me, but the beard is back!