07 April 2012

Easter Saturday

 Exit 19 clear now. Broken glass +++ And traffic moving! We're on our way!!!

There it is folks.  My first "official" bit of reporting for the ABC.  Okay, so it's not actually official at all and I'm the only one who knows about it but... it's a start!  It's my benchmark!  Spud and I had been driving down the coast for the weekend and the traffic was NOT budging.  It took us 27 minutes to travel 4.5kms!  I decided to have a Tweet-fest with 612 to see if they knew what was going on and indeed, they did.  Just as they announced over the radio that Exit 19 was subject to a giant multi-vehicle crash, we arrived so I was able to give an Instant Update!  
What IS it about Easter traffic?  A total nightmare.  However, we are finally here, at mum's, overlooking the Byron Bay Blues Fest at Tyagarah.  We can see the tents and hear some garbled sounds.  It is going to be nowhere as good as actually being AT the Blues Fest...  The weather is absolutely magnificent and everything is just gorgeously beautiful this Easter.  We are SO LUCKY to live in such a sensational country. 
I took this photo in our backyard this morning

and this is where we stopped for chicken sandwiches by the Chinderah River.  Look how clear it is on Mt Warning's peak! 
We are not going to the Blue Fest for various reasons, one of them being The Dreaded Theories Assignment.  Okay, I know you have all heard enough about it, but how do you think I feel?  Hell...  I've just remembered that it is a "research" assignment so must be sure to discuss Methodologies etc.  Not quite sure how this is going to make me a better journalist in the long run, but am working on keeping my mind open.  During my ProQuest research, I found this article, just to give you an idea of what is going on out there in the Large World of Academia:  Contextualising Petro-Sexual Politics.  (The abstract says this), "Through the examination of U.S. mainstream narratives of gender violence and petroleum violence within Nigeria, the author reveals how gender and sexuality are central to representations of terrorism and ethnic-gang conflict within petroleum politics." WTF????  If I am supposed to be writing something along those lines, I am screwed. 
This morning I had a techno-meltdown (oh no, not another one!) with my iPhone not going off on time. So, I slept in until 5:05am when I should have been on my way to running.  I ended up having to run all on my lonesome for 7.5kms, until I happened upon a group that I knew.  Here I am at the Maritime Museum on my way to the Story Bridge.
We're off to walk on the beach now so will have to sign off soon.  Lil loves the beach!  Who doesn't, really?  Lil the Dog has taken a real shine to macadamias and brings me nuts to crack for her.  I really need to check - right now - that macadamias are not dangerous. She seems to love everything that is bad for her:  grapes, chocolate, blow flies... Just like humans really.
My friend's daughter gave her nails an Easter theme - all freehand too!  I wonder if she would do mine?  Probably wouldn't go down well at work.  Not really super "professional" is it?  Hmmm....  Wish I was 18 again sometimes.

What is the collective noun for a group of (chocolate) bunnies?  I think a Hop of Bunnies sounds quite good, don't you?  Apparently a group of unicorns is a Blessing. Isn't that just ... precious?  

I think I am hearing the sounds of either Yann Tiersen or Richard Clapton wafting up from the Blues Fest.  Shame it's just a sound/noise/cacophony and not actually MUSIC.  That's wind and distance and the M3 getting in the way.  Oh for dog's sake...  You wouldn't read about it,  but you are reading about it!  Macadamias ARE toxic to dogs. Of course they are.  Dogs do not get any breaks at all.  Everything wonderful is dangerous.  Okay LillyP - you have eaten your last macadamia, buddy.  Sorry pal.  Beaches, as yet, are not toxic to dogs.  Yes, she only gets 700 metres of off-leash but that's better than nothing at all.  Let's go Miss Lil....
I forgot that I wanted to share this Northern Territory News headline that I read about last week, thanks to Latika Bourke.  The ABC News Breakfast crew always have a giggle about the NT News' headlines and this one was a Classic!  Could I do an assignment on this perhaps? 

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the NT News, or the Empty News we used to call it when we lived there. That story is too funny. BK (before kids) we used to regularly walk our dog and you just knew that people were having a secret rendezvous while out walking - that was over 10 years ago.