12 March 2012

Travelling the World

OMG!!!  They're reading my blog on Macquarie Island!!!!  W.O.W!  W.O.W!!  I am so thrilled!!  I am really glad you are enjoying my blog you lot and Keep Up The Great Work!!  I am going to send you some sunshine and mangoes, just to warm you up a bit.

This is not actually Brisbane (of course) but it IS somewhere in Queensland that  I have yet to visit obviously, or I'd know where it was!  In fact, I MUST visit - and soon!  

I will be blogging again very soon but currently have to shoot off and do errands.  Having just received a message from the Macquarie Island crew I was so excited that I had to blog a quick response.  Cheerio! 
PS:  reading back on all the exclamation marks, I fear I will need to curb these if  am to be successful at the ABC…  Hmm, what do you call "an Overabundance of Exclamation"?

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