10 March 2012


Wondering what all that gibberish is in my subject line of this post?  Well, so you should wonder. It is the sound of my mind after spending the day sitting here (on my aching arse) reading newspapers until I feel I am about to regurgitate vowels, syntaxes and theories.  It's actually a miracle I am even capable of typing anything for this blog!  Worst of all, I still have reams to read.  I have no appreciation of the time it takes to trawl through pages of newsprint and screens of blogs/websites/Tweets in my quest to inform myself of The News.  
This is the photo of my desk I took this morning, including a copy of the AJA Code of Ethics which I need to A) familiarise myself with and B) apply to an assignment - and a news story.  Luckily there are quite a few advertisements amongst this forest of paper, and liftouts that I don't really need to read, do I?  Please don't make me read the Business section, pleeeeease!  
It has been a truly GORGEOUS day with the first hint of autumn greeting me this morning for my run beside the river.  
Slowly but surely this river is beginning to flow through me. I've lived in Brisbane for about 12 years now but the more time I spend near the river, the more it becomes part of me.  Does that sound corny? I can't really explain it.  Last year, during the floods, seeing the river in its engorged, angry, destructive state was heart-breaking.  It defines those of us who make it a part of our every day. For me this has occurred with my running.  So much of my running life is spent beside the river, from the wide meanderings of Long Pocket down to the broad estuary of Hamilton and all that criss-crossing of those bridges:  the Goodwill, Go-Between, Green and Story.  I love this river. I love it.  In fact, with regard to my BIG news of the week, soon I will be able to see the Brisbane River from my new workplace, through expansive windows that overlook it from Southbank.  Yep, from my New Job at THE ABC!!  I start next week.  It is just a casual admin position for now but hey, "from little things big things grow", right?  I am So Happy that I could possibly just about burst.  It is truly a Golden Opportunity for me and I just can't believe how well my planets are aligning.  Now I just need to work out what the heck a "theory of journalism" is and I will be fine! 

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