25 April 2012

What a week for my developing journalism career!

Hi everyone!  I'm still finding my feet on this new layout format.  It must be better than before, or why change it, but I've yet to see what makes it better…  Anyway, enough about THAT! 

This week I was able to see Sally Sara and Nigel Brennan give incredibly fascinating and informative lectures as part of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association student masterclass.  Both speakers gave us extremely valuable tips on becoming successful journalists but, as you will all know, I was most excited about being in Sally Sara's presence!  I am trying to be cool about it all and not behave like some teenage fan with a crush but to be in the presence of someone whose journalistic ability and integrity I admire so much was very exciting.  I wanted all her knowledge and ability to Bluetooth itself over to me, sitting two metres away.  I was quite thrilled to hear her declare that she never actually finished her journalism degree!  Hooray, maybe I can chuck mine in too?  Of course, WHY would I want to do that?  I have to write that in case any of my lecturers happen to be reading this (unlikely).  It's just that all we've been hearing lately is how only about 4% of us will end up with journalism jobs, which is utterly depressing considering how much $$ we are spending trying to learn the process.  And as for me, I do not have time on my side…  So, I want to learn everything NOW and do the very best I can NOW because I really do only have one chance to get it right.  No pressure though.  Extremely luckily for me, I have a sensational mentor and a great admin assistant job in a busy newsroom so if I work hard and focus and apply myself I CAN MAKE JOURNALISM A REALITY!  If I keep selling charity chocolates for $1 I may also further endear myself, don't you think?

I have spent the day in Absolute Heaven today in the world's most comfortable shoes - my trusty $15 Dunlop Volleys.  Yesterday I mistakenly wore my "lets-go-to-Kansas-Toto" bright red shiny shoes and was in a world of discomfort and pain all day.  Why, when I am already 180cms tall, do I feel an urge to wear a shoe with a heel?  Okay, so I was taken in by the Wizard of Oz fantasty in this instance but those shoes are on their way south, to a girlfriend with more gumption that me.

Today was Anzac Day, a day to remember those hundreds of thousands of people who have died in ridiculous wars.  Don't get me started…  It was lovely to see all the kids getting into spirit of the day though. I just hope they learn (soon) an alternative method to sorting out their differences that wars in far-off countries.   

I was pointed towards this little film today, which I thought was really well done and which links in to my Theories presentation from last week.  Take a peek and show it to your daughters.  Time to go peel some spuds for dinner now - and wrap those peelings in some of the newsprint I am trying to read. Cheerio! 

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