15 May 2012

Hysteria of Life

Just blogging a tiny quick little post because I have SO MUCH TO DO!  I have an exam in less than two days' time. I have a 3500-word essay due in about two weeks. I have a draft proposal due on Friday. I have to work tomorrow. I have a cold.  I am freaking out!  There.  That's how it stands.  Of course, as some of you might already appreciate, I am prone to bouts of Drama Queen-ness but this time, I think it's justified, don't you?  So, as my lovely husband cooks dinner, I am sitting here at my laptop supposedly working on my draft proposal.  I am NOT blogging. It just looks like I am.   I am going to post a bunch of photos for this blog post, which I hope will give some perspective of what I've been up to lately (when not studying).
Rosalind Russell and the fabulous Hildy Johnson in "His Girl Friday".  What a great film that was!  I watched it as part of my research for my Theories essay, about gender and journalism in film.  So far, of the three films I've watched, this is by far the very best (in my book)

Went to a collaborative art exhibition at the Tweed River Regional Art Gallery .  It was about weather and was by artists Susan Buret and Nicola Moss.  

Enjoying a bush barbie at mum's place. We went to bed smelling like sausages! 

Brunswick Heads beach on Sunday.  The weather over the weekend was absolutely magnificent.  I think you can actually see Julian Rocks on the horizon here.  It was so clear and the ocean so flat.

So clear that Mt Warning was completely visible.  The blueness of the sky is not really captured here however.  That's my poxy camera for you.

Sunday morning at New Farm, just as the sun was coming up.  It was truly beautiful.  I wish the photo had come out a bit better...  The light was so soft and pink.

This was taken on Saturday morning, returning from the run with my beginner running group.  There was a bank of fog rolling down the river.  

And to finish - a young Paul Newman.  He was not this young in the movie I saw yesterday (as part of my research) which was. "Absence of Malice" but he DID look ... lovely.  Big sigh.
Right, I've just been "busted" by the chef....  I HAVE to do some study now so adios!  Next time I write, I will have one less albatross around my neck - hooray!

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