18 May 2012

One assessment done, one to go...

Hi everyone - feeling free to blog gleefully this morning as yesterday I put my Journalism Ethics and Issues exam behind me in a two-hour brain blitz.  Unfortunately, there were about three questions that really had my brain creaking with the strain but hey, what can I do?  I did my best and now I Never Have To Think About Journalism Ethics Again!!  Only joking...  of COURSE I will be thinking about it, every day.  It was a really interesting subject and I intend to utilise what I have learned to become a credible, respected journalist.  Sitting in the lecture hall, with about 172 other journalism and PR students was slightly depressing though.  I was definitely the oldest by about 20 years.  It's then that my confidence lets me down and I ask myself "what the HELL do I think I'm doing?"  These pimply-faced, mini-skirted, gelled-hair kids are my competition and they are going to Eat Me Alive!!
Work continues to be FANTASTIC. I absolutely love it.  I am even starting to get the hang of Excel spreadsheets.  The more I fiddle with them, the more I understand them.  I have been guilty of bombarding the Editor recently with ideas involving me working for free and helping with some research etc but I need to back off so that he doesn't terminate me at the end of the financial year!!  I just have to be patient.  I have to rein in my over-abundant enthusiasm and just sit tight.  So, I am focussing on The Wheel. I have found myself falling in love with its gentle and soothing rotations.  
I have a one-week internship with the Courier-Mail in their online newsroom in July, which I am (as you can imagine) really looking forward to.  Today I am going to apply for a three-week internship at The Walkley Foundation and just see how that turns out (while I pray that none of those 172 other students saw the email....)  
The Editor where I work has been very encouraging about me doing internships but I've been so wrapped up in studying that I've neglected my applications.  I need to get it together and get some experience up my sleeve.   
This photo was taken by my buddy Mal of Run Shuffle Run

I'm contemplating starting ANOTHER blog, just for photos of The Wheel but I wonder if I have time to monitor that too....?  I know I have written about this phenomenon before - Blogaholicism.  The urge to blog endlessly, at the expense of relationships/housework/study/life in general.  Yikes!  
The sunsets and sunrises of late have been absolutely sensational.  This was last night... 

Okay, enough blogging for now.  I have Important Work to do.  I have to start on my 3500-word theory essay, hang the washing out, do my internship application, throw the vacuum cleaner in the bin (it finally died) and blow my nose (who does not have a cold currently?) 

My lovely, wonderful, thoughtful husband bought me this gorgeous vintage perfume bottle (circa 1903) for my small collection.  It is absolutely the most beautifully decorated one I have.  Lucky Me! 


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Journo Major
A couple of tiny things (that will certainly set you apart from the pimply-faced, mini-skirted,gel-haired hordes):
it's = it is
its = possessive
(know it seems weird but it's correct)
'rein in' as with slowing a horse, curbing its enthusiasm; 'reign' = to do with monarch

Jen said...

Oooh bugger! I can't believe I made those booboos. I KNOW that stuff!! What was I thinking? Can I blame it on post-exam stress syndrome?