24 May 2012

This post is NOT about State of Origin!

Today is back to the desk to do some more research on my essay.  I've finally decided on my  question:  'Lois Lane or Sally Sara - Does cinema's portrayal of female journalists reflect their reality?'  but am still struggling on the Theory.  WTF?  What theory??  IS there a theory?  How do I find it?  Where do I look?  Big sigh....  Maybe the theory will come to me as I research the subject.  Speaking of which, I watched "Broadcast News" yesterday and again, found it as ridiculous as some of the other films I've watched.  I don't know whether it's the fashions, hair styles and rotary dial telephones that make it ridiculous or whether it's the sight of the characters being completely over-done.  The women (they are my focus) are such exaggerated portrayals of my idea of journalists.  I mean, really.  Do women shriek like that in the newsroom?  I am sure they do not....  Gulp.  Hildy Johnson remains my favourite.
My reluctance to enter television journalism was pretty well cemented after watching this.  I like the subdued business of the online newsroom where I currently work as an admin assistant.  Everyone is very busy and it is quiet and controlled. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to see how a breaking story, well.... breaks.  It was 5:20pm and I quickly checked Twitter before logging off when I saw two credible sources had Tweeted that Schapelle Corby was to be released from her Bali jail in August.  Straight away I showed it to the evening producer and - blow me down - they hadn't yet heard!  Well, I guess the the Tweet was only 4mins old.  So, they started work on a story straight away but had to confirm the story (of course) with the International Desk.  Basically, it took about 2 hours from that first Tweet until it went up on the website.  It was a very fine example of the impact of Twitter for spreading unsubstantiated news and of how a well-respected news agency then authenticates it.  Two types of news dissemination and two quite different stories because, when verified, she was not being released but had been granted an early release.

Meanwhile, I just want to run away to Arnhem Land and see beautiful rivers like this one, snaking through the countryside.  My friend Swell took this photo.  It's stunning.  Time to get back to work.  

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