14 June 2012

4:41am and I am eating my cereal, dressed in my running clothes, getting ready to head off to training.  My weather app tells me it is raining but of course, one peek out the window (to see if it is freezing instead) assures me that I'm in for a dry run.  Just wanted to say a big Thank You to my Anonymous editor who reads this blog and pulls me into line for my punctuation blunders.  I do try to be very careful but despite this, a few little apostrophes are slipping through.  I always find them, when my attention is drawn to them, but why can't I see the suckers in the first place?  I think part of it is .... habit!!  However, I know this help I am getting is going to make me a better writer so THANK YOU ANONYMOUS EDITOR, whoever you are!  I am going to re-read what I have just written because it would really not look good if one slipped through now....
Yesterday I was the note-taker at a Strategy Meeting for the department.  The meeting took pretty well all day and by the end of it, I couldn't believe how much I had learned about what actually goes on in in the news making process to make news pop out at the other end!  There are so many other factors involved.  And of course, it's all about the Manpower and the Quality and of course, the Bucks.  I don't know that the three are totally in sync. I learned another fabulous new expression too.  Your "blue sky".  That is, your dream.  Your perfect outcome.  In context?  "What is your blue sky Executive Producer?"  Reply:  "to have more people!!".  That is, of course, a very abbreviated example.  I love the idea and now will spend the day dreaming about MY "blue sky"!

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