17 June 2012


My cousin, a writer in NYC, assures me the anxieties I experience related to my writing and my reading are all Completely Normal behaviours for a "real writer".  So... I think I feel better.  I am still going to put it Out There for the blog world however, and ask for advice.  Here is my query of the day:  How Can Anyone Read Everything One Should Be Reading Every Week?  Just the newspaper alone takes hours of reading.  What about the washing, the groceries, the ironing pile, the vacuuming...?  I don't even have kids to blame my lack of time upon!  All people tell me is how much reading I should be doing, yet I just can't seem to get on top of it all.  There are newspapers, blogs, magazines, books....  And when I start back at uni next semester, you can add journal articles, course handouts and textbooks to the list.  
Today's pile on my dining room table...  

Added to this is the research I am trying to do regarding writing my news story for the Gold Coast Marathon. I really want to make sure I get it right, first time.  And I am due to write two more columns for the running magazines so need to do some research for those - and then, of course, I have a (fabulous) job to go to.  I am tired just writing this.  I appreciate that I am just moaning and griping but I would love to hear how other people tackle this issue.  I am actually finding it easier to write than to read!  
Speaking of all things related to the subject of "English", I discovered last night at a friend's 50th birthday that one of the surgeons I know came top in high-school English for the Entire Country and has a letter from the Prime Minister to prove it.  I was utterly shocked because, while I appreciate he is clever, he reads trashy tabloid newspapers, partakes in totally dubious social activities, has scary taste in music and carries on like he barely made it through school!  I am so jealous - and secretly very impressed too.  It goes to show that everyone has hidden talents and that you certainly can't judge a book by its cover!
Good coffee served by Jesse is a highlight of my old job

I spent two days this week at my old job, doing holiday relief while one the girls was away.  It all came rushing back to me - the life of a plastic surgery secretary.  Some of my favourite patients came in, which was lovely.  Even though I love my old boss and my co-workers, all it really did was reassure me 140% that I have completely made the right decision to kick out now and follow my dream to be a journalist.  I am also not going to renew my nursing registration this year, after having been registered for the past 25 years.  Gulp.  

Remember the whole "bluesky" concept from my last post?  I photographed this earlier in the week and tweeted it to some of my new co-workers.  Then I went into the coffee shop only to learn that the brand is Blue Sky Coffee.  Isn't than .... kismet?  So, MY "bluesky" is that one day I will be as great a journalist as some of the people I work with.  Part of me wants it all NOW - the knowledge and the experience.  But half of the excitement and joy is the learning as I go along.  I am just impatient.  I want to know what Sally Sara and Annabel Crabb know. I want to be as clever and as talented as them and hundreds of other incredible journalists out there.  I want Alan Rusbridger to offer me an internship at The Guardian. I want to be the Kununurra "bureau-chief". I want to win a Walkley Award for brilliant writing.  See? I want it all.  
This photo came to me via a friend who posted it via http://www.daretodemand.org/

As for my running group, it is going really well, with about eight new beginner runners coming along each Saturday morning.  Everyone seems to really enjoy themselves, which I believe is due to the camaraderie and the views along the river - oh, and the breakfast afterwards.  I never get over that fantastic feeling of seeing them improve each week.  It does so much for confidence and self-esteem - to see yourself achieve feats you never imagined to be possible.  Two weeks until the Gold Coast Marathon weekend!  Okay, I know what you are all thinking now - if I hadn't spent this time blogging, I could have finished reading at least one section of the Sydney Morning Herald.  Yes, yes, yes....  It's all about choices, I realise. I am just not very astute at making the correct choices.  Thanks for any feedback that comes along with regard to my Dilemma of the Day! 

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