22 June 2012


It's Friday morning and I have showered, brushed my teeth, put on some clothes and now I am in front of the computer Ready to Write, Write, Write. I have lots of writing to do.  I can NOT be distracted by Twitter, the news headlines, my email account, the painter on his trestle transforming the house next door, the dog, the sound of a bird ....  I have to focus 100% - which is why I am getting this blogging done right now.  So I can then have a clean slate, ready to go.
It all started because I have several photos, spotted during the week that I put on my desktop "for the blog" and when I decided to tidy up my desktop, I realised I would have to write the blog post to put the photos away.  This one above of ... swoon...  two of my favourites just has to go in. I don't know where it came from. I found it on Facebook.  I know it's time to get over my "thing" for Hugh and Colin but it's just an admiration rather than a full-blown Bay City Rollers-type lunacy.  Lucky me has married a man who leaves these two in his wake!
This is a photo of the lovely Heidi, wonder dog and amazing runner, photographed here snoozing on the sofa at a fancy dress birthday party with her Thunderbirds eyebrows in situ.  Heidi, aged 14, died peacefully on her back verandah this week.  She was my running coach's dog and became our team mascot, running with us all those kilometres.  We are going to miss her very much.  
And this photo is courtesy of the Koala Hospital, Port Macquarie.  They do great work there, saving koalas that have been injured.  Sometimes, with all the news I am trying to read, I just get depressed.  I really enjoy reading Happy News stories.  Stories with a positive outcome or a quirky, fun factor. Okay, back to work.  I have so many projects on the go that I don't know where to start so need to take a big breath, write a list and work through it.  Cheerio!

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swellgal said...

Glad to see your chowing down on Vanity Fair...I only get two mag's and this is one of them...Of course now that Christopher Hitchens is dead, it is devoid of one of my favourite columns

Trial The Atlantic Monthly too...thats it, I get all I need from that and the morning Huff Post, SMH, The Guardian and The Toronto Star

Sounds like a lot, but I fit it in anyhoo

love to you, see u in 3/52( if you are still able) let me know if you cant