26 July 2012

Tumbles and turns

Hi readers!  Apologies for not writing sooner but I've been busy working, studying and being on holidays.  Time just flies by, as I discovered when I realised I'd not been for a run for ten days.  Needless to say, when I DID run, I was as stiff as .... as ..... as stiff thing.  Groannn.  Not fun at all.  I should have packed my running gear for Melbourne but I was trying to save room in my suitcase for shopping!
This was our first stop on arrival in Melbourne, at Laurent Boulangerie.  It was morning tea time you know!  We'd had a "harrowing" arrival in Melbourne as the airport was in blackout on landing.  We couldn't get out of the 'plane.  I figured this was a bit newsworthy and contacted the ABC Online news desk and sent a few photos along (taken with my iPhone).  Well, blow me over if my picture wasn't the front page "splash" of the website for a little while that morning!  I was also interviewed by the ABC people in Melbourne and they added my quotes to the story!  It goes to show that news can happen ANY time and ANY place so I have to be ready for it.  I think I need to develop my news sense +++
Melbourne is just such a fantastic city!  We love the atmosphere, the feel of it - the "vibe".  It was cold, but not icy.  The cake shops were sensational (unfortunately) and I had a bit of a macaron overload.
As you would expect, Queen Victoria Market was brilliant!  We caught the tram there and spent the morning salivating and gasping at all the delicious fruit, veg, cheese and seafood for sale.  It was absolutely fabulous.  How lucky Melbournites are to have this right in the middle of the city, every day (except Mon and Wed).
Antipasta that looked so fresh and delicious!

Beautifully green and crispy-looking veggies

Yes, you read that right.  Coffin Bay Oysters for $11/dozen!  Get outttttt....

This cheese shop was ..... my idea of heaven.  
We were at the Market on Friday morning and stumbled upon ABC774 radio station doing a live broadcast from the market.  It was great!  Like being at a live show - which, I guess, it was.  There was lots of interaction with the audience, some interesting speakers and music!  One of the musos, Casey Bennetto was especially excellent. He is so smart, so clever... He could come up with song lyrics and play his guitar with absolutely no warning.  He was funny, his music was great.  I am a new fan.  He wrote "Keating, the musical" which would give you an idea of his talent.  Other musicians there were Angie Hart and James Reyne who both played and sang their songs. It was a really super duper morning. Lucky us! 
Here I am with James Reyne!

We also had a perfect and delicious dinner at a restaurant called "Cumulus" which was one of those memorable meals that we will still be talking about in a year.  W.O.W.   Spud was especially excited about the prevalence of hot dogs shops in Melbourne and we managed to find one "dog" for him.  I could just go on and on and on about it but I realise I need to stop writing and do some research!  I am interviewing a triathlete this morning, for a magazine, so need to get my questions finalised.  Will write again soon!

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Cumulus Inc, actually.
No MoVida or Coda, Jen?
Must Try Harder!