27 July 2012

Off like a rocket

From "tumbles and turns" to rockets shooting off into the heavens.  That's the way my journalism career seems to be going.  I can hardly keep up with it.  In fact, today I have been out to Officeworks to buy one of those giant desktop/wall calendars with big boxes each day so that I can track all my due dates.

with triathlete Ashley 
(is it actually possible to take a photo with an iPhone that is NOT blurry?)

Yesterday I interviewed up and coming triathlon champion, Ashley Portas for a magazine article.  He was extremely friendly and we had a great chat at Campos coffee.  I bought him brekky (eggs and salmon - protein hit) which is now called an "expense" but I don't think my fee includes expenses.  Lesson No. 1:  will need to stop feeding my interview subjects! He is so focused to succeed. I found him very motivating and really enjoyed meeting him.  Now I am struggling to write the piece, which is to be in an interview format, but only 700 words!  I'm only half way through it and have already blown out my word budget @#$%^&*  How can I trim it and still keep the "vibe" of his story for crying out loud?  Grrrrr......  Meanwhile, before uni really gets cracking, I need to punch out another couple of columns for the two running magazines, just so I can get on top of those and don't have to think about them while I am trying to do all my uni work.  Meanwhile, uni this week has been absolutely phenomenal!  The stuff I have learned in one week has blown my mind, quite literally.  Look at this TED talk for instance:


This semester is all about developing our creative side and planning our major projects for next year.  I have about three assignments due for each subject so I need this calendar to keep track of what is due when.  I really want to do well and give it 110%.  And I am bursting my brain thinking of good ideas for my Major Project.  So far, all I have is a few scratchings and a bunch of scribbles....  
To top it off, I have been offered the opportunity to learn how to be a radio producer!!!!!!  I will be sitting in, watching, from next week but the gang tell me it won't take me long to work out what to do with all those dials, knobs and general buttons (not dissimilar to a cockpit).  I am extremely excited about learning this new skill as I think it will really help my journalism career, A LOT.  And then - yesterday I was offered a part-time position as "web editor" of an online running site.  They tell me it would just be about an hour per day and I will be paid and all that but now I just need to sit back and have a Big Think about the right direction for my jet-propelled journalism career.  I have to be careful not to try and do everything, thereby spreading myself too thin and not actually doing anything well.  I can't believe that this early on in my new career, I am in a position where I need to make important decisions about journalism jobs.  I still have a year of my degree to go!  So, I am in a bit of a cerebral pickle.  Oh, and there's my running coaching too, which I love to do.  I think I need to go have a lie down. I'm exhausted!  Any advice would be greatly appreciated folks.  Thank you.

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