11 August 2012


This blog is rubbish. I just don't have time to write it anymore!  How am I going to keep my readers interested if I can't update regularly?  I mean, I should be on this every second day, shouldn't I?  Hell...  Well, here I am now, better late than never and ready to rant about all the fascinating stuff that's been going on around here.  
Firstly, university continues to amaze and bamboozle me. I am learning such incredible new things about genetics and about our brains and neuroplasticity and about how to be creative and how to be organised and, and, and ....  A lot of my classmates are international students so I am slowly getting a taste of what student life is like for people who have come to Australia for their education.  We are so lucky here and I truly believe students in this country have no idea how good they have got it.  We have so much opportunity.  One of my assignments, due in two weeks, is to produce a personal manifesto and I have a plan to publish it on a blog - but not THIS blog!  I have previously started a Wordpress blog, to use as a professional site to showcase my work, but Wordpress is actually quite complicated so I let it sit there, empty, while I started a Facebook page instead.  Now I will resurrect it and use it for my assignment.  
My running has been on the backburner too. I have lost my mojo and just can't seem to get back into it.  Having a cold has not helped and being generally a bit ... run down or something has stopped me running as much as I'd like.  I think I need winter to move along now and Spring to arrive, with its warmer mornings and blossoming flowers.  The Olympics has been QUITE good, but not that fabulous because Channel Nine have made a right hash up of presenting them.  Last night, just as Australia was about to win a Gold medal in the sailing, the station switched to Friday Night Football, with no warning!  We were two minutes off crossing the line after a neck and neck race with Team GB. I couldn't believe it and by the time I worked out what had happened and switched to another version of Ch. 9, they'd won.  It was pathetic.  There have been a lot of complaints, especially about the bloody advertising. I HATE IT!
Here I am in the production booth of the radio station, trying to learn how to be a producer. It is so different from online news.  It was all a bit mind blowing the first few times I was in there, trying to work out where all the voices where coming from (pre-recorded, promos, the traffic guy on stand-by).  And they seem to have so much fun and to fly by the seat of their pants!  Online is, in contrast, so quiet and calm and controlled.  However, with all that is going on, I don't know if I am going to have time to continue learning this because my hours of work have been increased and am not really sure where I'll be able to fit an 8-hour producing shift into the week!  Need to go do some more reading for class now.  See you!

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