30 June 2007

Saturday snapshot

Here it is folks - a snapshot of my life... Why I think you'd be interested, I have NO idea. However, I think this blog entry comes from a wonder if other people behave in the same manner occasionally.

So, I started my day with a SIX kilometre run & it was fab! We ran along the riverfront which made it much more interesting - looking at the houses, the CityCat, other people walking, running & cycling. I met a couple of other girls & we planned to run together as for all of us, this was only our 2nd Saturday running event & we're all pretty new. Ha! So, off we go & "whooosh"! there goes Janet, like Achilles with a message. We didn't see her again until the half way mark when she was the first of all of us to make the turn. Understandably, as soon as we got back, under threat of sweaty armpit in the face, we forced her to reveal her secret. As it turns out, while she has never run competitively, she RUNS EVERY DAY!!! She left me & Rachel for dead. I can only hope that with time and perserverance, I will be as good.

Now that the button that was blocking the outlet hose of the washing machine has been removed, my bliss is evident as I wash load after load of sweaty socks and wet towels. It has been a gorgeous day for air drying and in my enthusiasm for the scent of my fresh, clean whites I took a big sniff (straight out of a commercial) of my new white running shirt & ended up smearing it with lipstick. Arrrrgghhh! Who put the nose so close to the mouth? Bad plan...

Putting that unfortunate incident aside, off I went to fling frothy white sheets onto the bed & lo and behold, there was a big tear in the sheet! So, rather than lift if off the bed & sew the tear up properly, I decided to do an in-the-field rescue & after several attempts to thread the needle (no specs on), I stitched away merrily at the tear. I am not the world's greatest sewer you know but nothing prepared me for the awful realisation that I had stitched the sheet to the mattress cover. Grrrrrrroaaaaan :o/

Now we are cooking lamb shanks for dinner but honestly, you should see the size of these things. Steve calls them "corgi shanks". I don't think I've ever seen a lamb with legs like tree trunks before. Where are the tidy little frenched shanks we see in the recipe books?

Just chatted to an elderly gent at the petrol station whilst we were filling up our autos. He was driving a pristine 1971 Holden Torana. I admired the car & he told me he'd owned it since new & it's such a good car that he can't get rid of it, even though people keep asking him to sell it. I bet they do. It was in great nick! I had to laugh at the irony of a 75 year-old having his car admired. Okay, okay - let's keep it in perspective. It's not like I'm a 25 year-old hot bird swooning over his wheels BUT.... the idea is there, right? I bet I made his day!

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heffalump said...

Hope the corgi shanks went down a treat - you'll be needing the extra protein for your next run. But spare a thought for those poor wee three-legged corgis stumping about on their wooden pegs ... some would call it cruelty.
And maybe we could opt for 'seamstress' rather than 'sewer' (unless it was a veiled reference to the sweaty post-run armpits). This deficient English lingo of ours needs to take a note from the Icelandic 49 words for snow, etc.
And in case you're short of an activity - though it doesn't sound like it - have you checked out the World Press Photo exhibition at the Powerhouse (ref your 'other' blog re The Falling Man)? Very emotive.