02 July 2007


Hi Happy Readers!

I am all abuzz again tonight as I have just run six kilometres along the Brisbane River this evening. It's so beautiful at night because the lights of the city twinkle on the water & I find it a really great way to relax after work - especially today when I was sure the moon was aligned with the stars & thee was magic/evil/mischief in the air (either that or I was just in a hormonal bitch of a mood). I admit that there was one point during the day when I felt ready to tear the postman to shreds for not bringing a delivery of chocolate!

I am just reading the most amazing book. It's written by ABC journalist Sally Sara, whom I have always admired when I've seen her reporting from Africa. The book is called "Gogo Mama" and is an amazing read. Sally does not dramatise or romanticise the facts, nor does she trivialise them. She just writes it like it is. And it's pretty shocking reading. All of a sudden, I feel pretty small.... I know life in Africa is pretty shit because we hear Bob Geldof or Bono say so or we see images on the telly, but to read women's stories of their lives seems to make it more real. It's very humbling and makes me really, really appreciate what I have. Don't get me wrong though! It's not a depressing read... It will just make you really look at your life in a different perspective.

I just found this on the internet tonight, while searching for information about Sally Sara: "The International Women’s Media Foundation announced today that Sally Sara, anchor and senior reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, has received the Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship. Sara is the third recipient of the annual fellowship, which gives a woman journalist working in print, broadcast or online media the opportunity to focus exclusively on human rights journalism".
www.iwmf.org/press/10129 I am quite admiring her. I think she is actually living the life that I have imagined for myself in the past but never got off my arse to do anything about - or maybe I've never had the courage. Anyway, you go Sally Sara! I am a big fan. And she runs too!!!


heffalump said...

I agree. Sally Sara, YOU ROCK!
The most inspiring book I've come across in a long time, and such an unaffected girl. And to hear her say she was humbled by the women she featured and their endurance through torture and deprivation was mind-blowing.
Ms TwinkleToes, if you imagined yourself living that life, then you must be some kind of special person, too. All power to you!

Anonymous said...

She IS a special person!! Go Jen - keep running - it's doing you only good (well apart from your knees that is!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

I'm glad you're enjoying the book .... and great to hear you run along the Brisbane river front.

We probably run past each other. I also run most nights along the river from New Farm to the city and back.

Good luck with the blog and thanks for the mention.

Best wishes,
Sally Sara. GOGO MAMA.