10 July 2007

Curse the Pox!

Arrrgh! The pox is upon me, preventing me from running & from generally having a Jolly Good Time. Madam Misery Guts is here in all her glory - tight chest, razorblade throat, post-sloppy sneeze cricked neck & watery eyes. What a babe! Got seriously blasted by Mr CNN for my debasement of his profession but here we are, a week later & still no charges laid. How long can they hold poor Dr Haneef & what do they have on him anyway? Time to head home & jump into my flannel jammies for a love-in with the sofa. Had an interesting plastic surgery moment today at work when a lady came for her appointment with The Meister regarding enlarging her assets only to be told she had a breast lump. I can't explain what it is that is making me ponder this moment but I think it's the fact that when she arrived for her appointment, she struck me as being a tiny bit haughty & quite self-assured, wearing giant jewels & a fab haircut. After seeing The Meister, she was almost in tears & obviously very distressed. I really felt for her. I tell you - a breast lump is The Great Equaliser. I think all of us women would react in the same way - no matter who you are. Let's hope it's just a benign cyst or perhaps some fibrous change says moi! We already had a 29 year-old woman in today to discuss breast reconstruction but she is still undergoing chemo. It makes my whingeing about a piddly cold look pretty pathetic... Get over myself - stat! Here is a photo of my cousin's beautiful little fishy girl, Lucy, about to win a medal at her swim meet last Saturday! Go Lucy!

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