04 July 2007

No news story...

Well, for the past 12 hours, I've been an "honorary" CNN producer of sorts. My brother Hugh was sent up here to Brisbane in a mad rush to cover the story (that is not a story) of the doctors at Gold Coast Hospital who have some link with the attempted terrorists in Britain. CNN have even sent a reporter & cameraman from Bangkok for crying out loud! Listen... there is NOTHING to report! It's a completely dead story. I know I should take all of this a bit more seriously but yesterday, when Carolyn & I were trying to find them a rental van for all their gear, we phoned all over Brisbane and came up with nothing. Carolyn then started eyeing off a listing called, "Rent-a-Bomb" but decided against it! I can't imagine CNN being happy to pay the bill for THAT!! Of course, tonight is the State of Origin footy game here and there isn't a hotel room to be found in the city so currently, they've got nowhere to sleep, no story to cover, no-one to interview... Should be excellent footage when you next flick on CNN - and let's not think of the cost of it all! How ridiculous. However, apparently CNN are quite convinced it's only a matter of time before there is a terrorist attack here on our sunny shores so maybe they know something we don't. Hooray for prime time news.

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