20 December 2007

Not another rant!!

Yes folks, I need to, I want to, I have to rant, rant, rant. I have had enough of BUGS! There are spiders and their poxy, sticky webs everywhere, constantly getting into my hair & over my face & causing me to squeal with anxiety for fear of a giant arachnid in my hairdo. I have also found a cocoon attached to my dog's bowl, for crying out loud, and this morning found a little "nest" of eight clear, round eggs on Steve's "Burberry" aftershave. Puhleeeease. Can you bugs Get Over Yourselves???

Here's a bit of fun which I have tried to send to my friends but which I am not sure was received correctly by them.

I've just been watching Lualeni on telly. Those elephants are so gorgeous. I am totally in love. I know there will those cynics about who will poo-poo my love but big raspberries to you, I say. This link will take you directly to Lualeni's profile. Now all I can think about is how to get to Africa. Maybe I will make that one of my New Year Resolutions.

Need to go to bed. I'm exhausted and it's not even 9pm. I am "in training" for late nights over Christmas as my brother Hugh has told me off for being such a boring fart & going to bed early. The problem is, I wake up at 5am! I need to get my clock sorted. I haven't been doing a lot of running lately either, which is distressing me a little, especially as I wrap my laughing gear around a mince pie or Lindt ball. Hurry up Christmas and Be Over so I can start living clean again!

My friend Leigh is going to have a baby! I am Very, Very Excited and Happy for her though I did have a small moment of "wistfulness" which prompted me to buy a new lipstick.

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