27 April 2008


Hi Happy Readers
Well, I took my snotty nose & goopy chest out onto the road today & ran five kilometres.  It wasn't my best time but I still did it in under 30mins, which I am pleased about considering my legs felt like jellyfish & my lungs were squealing in agony.  However, I think I have found the cure for a common cold!  Get out & run folks & it quickly clears the passages.  That's the nasal passages...  I am in no position to comment on any other passages.  I wore my new Size 11 running shoes & managed not to trip over myself although a small speed hump almost tipped me over...  
Steve & I are busy packing for our UK holiday.  We leave next Saturday morning, flying JAL to Narita before heading off to London.  I am very excited though full of my usual pre-flight anxieties.  In about 2003, we flew Emirates to Manchester, via Dubai, & I got a bit freaked out about some young Muslim men with a duty free bag...  I don't want to talk about it.  I'm a bit embarrassed now.  However, Steve's watching of "Air Crash Investigators" last night, or whatever the hell it's called, is NOT part of my holiday prep so will now have to guzzle at least two G&T's in the departure lounge prior to take off :o( 
We are cooking a pot roast but it's not nearly ready & I am about to chew the leg off the dog I am so hungry.  What has come over me?  

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Zelda said...

Happy Travels Ms Twinkle & Steve. Guess Nipponese travellers with duty free bags will look less like terrorists than the Emirates passengers did! Looking forward to blogs and pics while you're away (hint).