25 May 2008

Home on the range...

Hi readers!
So, this time last week I was at Narita Airport (possibly?) or at 20,000 feet.  Now both feet are firmly planted back in my running shoes & belting the pavement as we swing into the routine. We had such a nice holiday & are both so lucky to be able to go away to such fabulous places.  
Have been back into my running training this week in an attempt to catch up.  My buddies did a few long, long runs (2 hours = 20kms approx) while I was away & I need to do a couple of those myself - soon - or I will go into that Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon with only one 18km run under my belt!  However, my pelvis & hips & lower back are really hurting, probably from being cramped up in that tiny seat from Japan to Brisbane, & I still haven't recovered.  Might need some physio this week...  I DID run really well today though & did 10kms in 56 mins which I was Very Pleased about, especially as I had to stop at about 7kms & stretch because my back was so sore.  Next week is the Doomben 10km Classic so have to be fit for that!  Oh I am so boring to go on about my running...  Sorry!
In the meantime, my god-children, Sam & Alana, are loving their new pup Chilli. 
She is just about to start puppy school.  And my friend Swell has been hanging out with Elton John (sort of) in Darwin, where he performed last week.  A friend of Swell's is a "Very Good Customer" of Paspaley Pearls & was given free tickets to the Elton concert & pre-show cocktail party.  Well, Swell is not being one for missing any Golden Opportunities & signed oh the dotted line when she was invited.  I tell you Swell, I have never met anyone who lives her life as fully as you do!  You go, girlfriend!  This is a photo of her friend wearing her latest jewel. Obviously, nurses in the Northern Territory are being paid very well!!
Oh, I have to stop this blogging business as I am supposed to be studying & doing my first assignment for a practice management diploma.  Time to sign off!  Will write again soon & will try to make it fascinating & riveting reading.  Maybe I should include a movie review now?  My Tiny Friend had free tickets to a preview screening of "Love in the Time of Cholera" this week. It was ... er.... interesting!  There was a little bit of gruesome Old Person Sex at the end of it.  I know, I know!  I mustn't condemn OPS as I will be going down that path one day (soon?) but it was a little ... er... breathtaking..... Gulp.

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