30 June 2008


Hi there Readers! Well, it's only a matter of days, hours, minutes until The Big Run! The run I have been training for for the past ten months! I am getting Quite Excited! Only six more sleeps. I am spending Saturday night in a hotel room with three other girls & we've been busy planning our entertainment (ie bed by 8pm) and cuisine (ie lasagne, rice & ice-cream). It will be a new twist on an old theme (Girls Night Out). Unfortunately, I am feeling a wee bit "pre-coldy" which I am sure is brought about by generalised fear of developing a cold or by the fact that Steve has told me HE has a sore throat, stinging eyes & aching muscles. I am in a state of health paranoia as I absolutely cannot be sick this weekend! I have sprayed my nostrils, swallowed echinacea & zinc & chucked down Panadol ... what more can I do? **** I wrote that first paragraph yesterday. Today I have tight hip flexors & a sore knee, brought about by doing my exercises for my hips. @#$%^ Curses! At this rate, I will be crossing the line in a walking frame, for crying out loud! I can see why some may consider athletes to be completely selfish. I am completely self-absorbed!! It's all about ME, ME, ME. How can I have turned out like this? It's because of the pre-run hype I assume. I guess it's been the focus of my running for so long... My knee is really painful. Can't actually work out what I've done. Have applied the Dencorub but nothing has changed. Listen, I have a confession: I am watching "Australia's Next Top Model" (I know, I know... don't say anything!) and it is agonising. It's live. It's appalling... I have had to mute it to be able to watch & see who gets voted in. Why do I care? In fact, I think I might go floss & crawl into bed with my book. Here is my Uncle Terry's new puppy, Coco the poodle. She will be living in St Paul, Minnesota.

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swell said...

Of course its all about you you you....

Angelina Jolie thinks its all about her her her

madonna thinks it's all about her her her

and I think is all about Me Me Me

so you go girl...you are in good company. I always down a Brufen and Vit C and Zinc at the hint of a cold.

Good luck babe...we will ALL be waiting for you news,

now I I I have to get back to reacding the news