24 June 2008

The man bag

Now today I want to talk of the phenomena of a man carrying a woman's handbag.  I see it A LOT!  Does your man carry your bag?  And if so, why?  Why can you not carry it yourself?  I see this often.  A blokey Aussie male wandering along the street with a little Strandbags number hanging over his shoulder while his woman walks beside him with nothing at all in her arms to hinder her ability to carry her bag!  So, why is the man carrying it?  I personally think it's because they have a secret wish ...  However, if you click on the link I've attached to this blog posting, you will read about a woman who thinks it's some sort of love token & makes a man a better partner.  Obviously my choice of men still has not improved because Steve has never voluntarily taken my bag although I know he would IF my hands were full.  He would take the other parcels but never the actual accessory though.  I just don't get it honeypie.
Anyway, enough musing about that as it is 5am & time for me to head into the freezing morning to run, run, run!  Joy.  It IS joy.  It is, it is, it is!  Ooooooh, it's so cold!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, I think the point of the man bag would be most positively anwerd by "B" who lives on the GC.. I'm with you and all the other sensible women on the earth though - men should not carry/use women's accessories. See you later luv!