22 June 2008

Ohhhh, my head hurts :o(

I should just get on & call this page "The Daily Bitch" because I seem to have a lot of gripes. Today's gripe of the day is my own fault.  Because I was not running today (but instead volunteering - more on that later), I got all excited & threw down a few too many glasses of red wine last night.  Oh my.  Not fun.  Why?  Why? Pourquoi?  I have asked myself this question all day & have not yet given myself a satisfactory answer.  It has completely trashed my day.  Yes, I was able to perform my marshalling duties this morning @ the Run for Research (to raise money for the kids' hospital) & I actually very much enjoyed yelling words of encouragement to runners as they staggered past, faces bright red, armpits dripping & gasping for air.  It was very rewarding in that regard, but I think all the yelling dehydrated me even further.  I am a bit of a wreck.  In fact, I have not even run one step this whole weekend.  Quel horreur! :o(  I have made a vow now not to let one drop of ethanol pass my lips between now until the 6th July. Yes, you can start making bets now.  Feel free to just go right ahead. I  know my genes are against me but I am full of Good Intention.  Now.. what else did I want to moan about? Possibly the ironing pile?  Ummm...  the fact that my feet seem to be getting bigger & bigger maybe?  My advancing grey hairs, the bristles growing out of my chin, my terrible memory...?  What WAS it that I was going to moan about now?  Hmmm, can't remember so I guess I will just have to be CHEERY & full of good news such as that of my god-daughter Alana who has just won a trip to the Mentawai Islands for raising the most money in Australia to help SurfAid.  She is going to be involved in their rebuilding & malaria projects & is going over in a couple of weeks with her dad for about ten days.  I am So Proud of her!  And my "quasi-god-daughter" Ali (pictured here) is just as wonderful for helping her mum through a horrible patch.  I don't think Mrs G would be making it through without Miss Ali.  Tonight is another Jane Austen telly night (which means maybe that ironing pile will get done...!).  Yay!  I think I will consider this a tribute to the beautiful, smart, talented women of the future.  Agreed?  

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, sorry about you're headache. Self inflicted or not, they are a curse. Thanks for posting Ali G's photo. You are a most wonderful GM to her and , yes, she has helped me through this horrible patch but so have my wonderful friends. Speaking of that stress, I was in the kitchen again over the weekend and cooked a new chocolate slice...I know you won't be surprisd by this news!....am bringing 4 pieces in to you and C for your morning or afternoon tea. Lots of love