03 August 2008

Fun running

Hi readers!
I ran in the inaugural 10km Mullumbimby to Brunswick Heads fun run today! It was pretty fun.... I didn't realise there would be no timing done & I'd left my watch at home but luckily Steve-o timed me & I came in at about 55mins which was good 'cos there were several hills, including one monster hill out of Mullum. I am stuffed now though. Need a snooze. Wish I had something more exciting to write about. I am watching "Brat Camp" & thinking what a poxy little bunch of snots. Oh and here's Gordon Ramsay, speaking of poxy little snots.

1 comment:

zelda said...

So what's with the crowd of spectators en masse turning their backs on our Marathon Princess?! Is there a message in there somewhere? Mon Dieu, qu'une insulte!