14 September 2008

The cat's meow

Hi readers
I don't know why I've called this posting, The Cat's Meow, because Tim the Cat hasn't actually meowed lately (at least, not since he was fed).  Maybe it's because I'm feeling slightly delusional & have a glass of red wine in front of me?   Woops, looks like that glass of wine is e.m.p.t.y...
So, I have been packing today & trying to imagine myself in France, not looking like a complete tourist.  However, I don't think it is possible for me to travel to France & look chic (like the locals) so I've decided on the "what the hell" route & chucked in those t-shirts & that scarf from Sussan.  It's all about practicalities.  I had to stop myself from tossing in about 25 pairs of knickers though.  Honestly!  What am I expecting?  Just to warn you in advance, I am about to rename the blog, yet again.  Inspiration has not yet come to me but it will after my next glass of vino & a homemade pizza.  Speaking of pizza, our neighbour told us that the local pizza shop (which will remain nameless) has links to the ... underworld!  Of COURSE it does!!!!  God, they make a good pizza too but you never would think of skipping out without paying for it.  
Here is a picture taken at a Chinese panda nursery.  That's all from me for now.  Cheerio! 

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