12 September 2008

Early Morning

Readers.... what can I say?  Where have I been?  More importantly, where does the time go?  Or, have I just had nothing to write about?  I think a combination of all.  Sometimes  I think, "oh, I should blog about that" but then I never do it because I get sidetracked by ... oh, a run or cooking dinner or perhaps even an episode of "Project Runway Australia".  There, you have my Dirty Little Secret.  I have been watching reality tv.  Listen, before you bag me out, you should see an episode.  It's actually quite good.  There is some talent & skill involved, rather than just a bunch of stick insects prancing about having hissy fits!  It's 5am & I have been drawn to my blog to stop me lying in bed with my brain ticking over, as it does at this early hour.  This time in one week we will be on a 'plane flying across Russia (I think!).  I am So Excited!!  The message here is: KEEP AN EYE ON MY BLOG FROM 18 SEPTEMBER as it will transform into a French Travel Blog, hopefully with lots of photos and details of cheese, gateaux, wine, people-watching, scenery and galleries visited. 
In the meantime, here is a photo of Corky Burke making his/her debut on the global internet at age, hmmm, maybe 12 weeks? 

As for my running, well... I ran in the Bridge to Brisbane last weekend, which was 10km, but it had two nasty hills.  One at the very beginning as we crossed the Gateway Bridge and the other at the 8km mark, when we were all completely stuffed.  I don't know my exact time as I pressed the wrong button on my watch (again).  All I saw was 54:?? so, if I have done it in less than 55mins, I will be very, very pleased.  I will find out this weekend, when the results are published.  I really need to get a watch with One Big Button to press as I never have a clue what my times are.  I either forget to wear the watch, forget to press the button or press the wrong button.  My co-worker Spick and I (Span) have been given a year's worth of free personal training by a grateful patient, who is also a sado-masochist.  She takes us out for two sessions each per week involving runs, weights, workouts, walks etc.  We are very lucky, although I hesitate to say this as I recall how I felt yesterday after a 10.5km early morning run with her involving more than one hill. I felt I could empathise with someone who has been sat on by an elephant...

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