16 October 2008

Dreaming of a Vegemite sandwich...

Hello readers!
This morning was spent daydreaming about a Vegemite sandwich made on soft, fluffy white bread. I had been fine until my Tiny Friend emailed me to tell me that she was thinking of Vegemite sandwiches and once the seed of sandwich was planted in my hungry little mind, I couldn't remove it. I had to be fulfilled and therefore, at lunch, I experienced dizzying delight as my choppers bit into the aforementioned soft, fluffy, gooey, black, salty yumminess that is the quintessential Vegemite sanger... True bliss! That's how I get my jollies - by eating delicious morsels. Sad isn't it?

Here is the first published photo of Miss Yvette Miles, four weeks old, whom I went to visit last night after work only to find the little cherub had decided to take a nap! So, this photo is going to have to satisfy me until next time I see her. Then, when I eventually got home, after an hour stuck in a traffic jam during a tempest of driving rain and cracking thunder with stupendous bolts and forks of lightning flashing about, I found the house to be slightly flooded and in total darkness. Dinner was a very romantic gas-lantern affair involving at least one glass of wine.

My other Big News for the Week is that I voted in the US Presidential Election! Hooray! I can't explain why I am so excited about it but I think it's because I feel very passionately about seeing the rear end of George W. in the White House and I have a lot of faith in Barack Obama to bring America back from the brink and regain the world's respect. So, I am SURE I filled in the forms properly & signed in all the right places and now my vote is winging its way back to Texas to be counted on 4 November.


Anonymous said...

I voted at the American Embassy today, after undergoing a complete full body orifice check. Luckily, I was wearing clean, fashionable underwear. Watch this video: I hope it works.

Anonymous said...


Derek and Mary Nicholson said...

Hi Jen

Just found your blog this morning. Looks like you had a great time in France. Also glad to hear you put in a vote for the right party I mean the left party. Our holiday in winding down only 2 weeks and I will be back at the dog park.

Cheers Derek