19 October 2008

The Little Dog & the Folding Pile - a love story

Yo readers...
First, the bad news, no photos to post...  Well, okay, let me go look for something....  You asked for it... You got it.  Not pretty is it?  
The second piece of bad news is that I have a mountain of ironing & clean washing on my bed & Miss LillyP the dog STILL hasn't got the folding action right.  What is the point of having pets if one cannot get them to contribute to the smooth running of the household?  
I am a little loopy right now due to over stimulation of the brain cell(s) as I am working on my Final Project for this dastardly course & I've been at it all day, while the sun shines brightly outside & the love puppet washes cars, mows lawns & sweeps the residue of flooding from the back porch. Poor DrK is gassing for a lap band operation tomorrow but the patient, who is a little box-shaped, has terrible cardiac output, diabetes, pulmonary hypertension etc & the good doc is quite worried she is going to cark it on the operating table.  I just think it is wrong to perform that surgery when the patient has so many co-morbidities, even if it IS going to help her health overall.  What use will it be if she doesn't make it through?  So, he rang some of his intensive care buddies & one suggested giving her 50mg of Viagra as a pre-med!!  Apparently, that's it's actual real purpose in life, not just an erectile agent.  I read in the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday that the Bee Gees' song, "Staying Alive" is one to remember when performing CPR as it's rhythm gives the exact requirement of chest compressions to maintain life.  

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