26 October 2008

Let them eat cake!

This was my lunch yesterday.  Chocolate and raspberry cake.  Why not?  We've all heard the spiel ... life is just too short & it looked so good.  Indeed, it was delicious but to be honest, just a tad rich. I channelled beautiful French girls while I ate it with my eyes closed at the cafe in Ashgrove where they also sell books.  So, I was a little bit in heaven with choccy cake AND books all under the one roof.  I ran it off this morning with Cindy - 8kms with a few hills to burn off that fudgy icing.  I understand I have a bit of a "loyal readership" (!!) who are wondering why I am putting pics of Barack Obama on my blog.  Well, I do love that poster but also, I have voted for him because I just think America needs a young, charismatic, enthusiastic, fresh visionary to bring it out of its slump and I think Mr Obama is the one to do it.  My brother Hugh & I both still hold US passports (we can trace our US ancestry to 1678) and both of us have voted for the first time because we feel so passionately about America's reputation. There are A LOT of good things about America but George W. has done nothing to promote the good - only the bad.  Subsequently, sometimes I find myself feeling embarrassed to say I have American heritage & that is a terrible shame.  I love Australia, of course, but America holds a special spell over me - so does Scotland though!  Hmmm...  I wonder what a psychologist would make of me & my strange "vibes".  It's the end of a gorgeous, sunny weekend & I have spent the majority of it working on my dratted project.  I have to design a business plan and I'm sure I am making a mountain out of a mole hill.  I need to remind myself that I am not writing a Thesis but instead am trying for a Diploma.  I decided to design a financial report after having a glass of vino, thinking that it might relax me a bit, but instead here I am blogging.  I discovered this YouTube video of k. d. lang singing "Hallelujah" and now all I want to do is wake up tomorrow morning and be able to sing like her.  Meanwhile, I sing as I currently sing & watch the cat crawl into a bush while Steve grimaces.  How could I have been born with such a hideous singing voice? 
My plastic surgeon boss playfully flicked a hard leather coaster at me on Friday night & smacked me right on the bridge of the nose, leaving me with a bruise & a small laceration. Needless to say, he is mortified but that's not going to stop me from breaking out the purple, green & blue eye shadow tomorrow morning before I get back to work....

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