30 October 2008

Worldly Wonders

A friend of mine, Sandy, sent me a link to a website of incredible photographs of the earth, taken by a guy called Yann Arthus-Bertrand who has been photographing the earth from above since 1994 and has come up with some of these incredible photos.  
This photo is of a guy resting on bales of cotton in the Ivory Coast.  I am trying to download some more photos but it is taking so long!  You will just have to check them out for yourself.  
It's amazing...  Not much news to report from this neck of the woods.  Steve & I have been wondering if we can make macaroni & cheese on the barbie.  We have a brand new, spiffy, shiny fab barbie & are now keen to cook every single thing on it.  Tonight was the old heartstoppin' macaroni & cheese (a treat) but we chickened out of experimenting on the new barbecue. Wimps!  I had three disgusting, gruesome moley things cut off today by my boss, who whinged & complained about the close proximity to my hideous body but then happily sliced the little monsters away & stitched me up.  I will miss that little right armpit one however.  We were great buddies.  They had to go though, because with my running & the summertime, well... there was just a fraction too much friction for wholesome living.  Besides, it was the least my Plastic Surgeon boss could do after almost breaking my nose last Friday by chucking a hard leather drink coaster (a la Bond's "Odd Job" character) and hitting my right on the nasal bridge!!!  He was (understandably) mortified - good thing too.  Let me try to download another photo now as I am feeling brave....
Major excitement - download successful so let's try another .... fail, fail, fail :o(  Time for bed. Cheerio readers!  Only 5 days 'til the US Elections.  I am eagerly anticipating the outcome. Steve is having to remind me that not another soul in Australia gives a toss but to tell you the truth, I am looking forward to 4 November for the election much more so than for the Melbourne Cup....  Just tried one more download - a whale from above.  Hooray, it worked!

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