22 October 2008

Passwords & posters etc

I can never remember my password... for this blog, for my Facebook account, for my email account, for my on-line uni account, for my Hotmail account, for my bank account.  Oh brother! Luckily I took a potshot right then & got lucky.  It's going to be one of about 5 different ones I have.  Good news!  Steve's patient is still alive & out of ICU!  Hooray for Steve...  he is such a great doc, & he's not even going to give her a bill for stressing him out to his eyeballs.  Speaking of medical bills, I saw something on telly tonight about thousands of Americans lining up in Virginia to get free, charity health care in a tent.  Yes, the "Greatest Nation on Earth" is not providing health care to its residents.  I knew it all along but seeing it again on TV brought it to the fore.  Honestly, there were people there with lumps growing out of their heads, mangled limbs, gnarly teeth.  It seems wrong that so many poor people cannot get treatment.   At least in Australia you get free treatment - it just might take about five years....  
My cousin Stephen P Williams has a blog too, and today I was having a read of it and he had put this fabulous poster on there.  He also had a link to a blog called "Emo for Obama" but when I clicked on it, it was gone.  Big brother had dropped by, I guess. 
This is another photo I found this week when reading the Sydney Morning Herald on-line edition.  I love it (the pic AND the paper, most of the time).  It's at the Vatican.  It looks better in this photo than it did in real life, if you ask me.  Well, it's just that they dim the lights so low that you can't see anything!  You need to be a Cardinal to get the best view, obviously.  
My running is On The Mend & I am off again tomorrow morning at 5.15.  This morning it was weight training in the park with Cindy & "Righty" (my co-worker).  I have such little toothpick arms that I need to give them a bit more attention.  What a weed.  Am not telling you what time it is.  It's confidential...

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