03 November 2008

Excitement builds

This is when I realise that I am not a good blogger at all because I want to write about how excited I am about the US Election but how do I write it in such a way that my closet fans (!) will enjoy reading it too?  Especially when they are not Americans...  Hmmm.  It's a conundrum. I have to say that I am feeling mildly optimistic that Obama will get in.  It seems all of my family are also voting for him.  My 2nd cousin, Dot Williams, who lives in Colorado has this sign outside her house:  
I can't help but be worried about the course America takes as I have a vested interest, having all my cousins & their kids living there and being able to track my family history through 11 generations (at least).  I want to see the place flourish & thrive - not become the laughing stock of the world with massive poverty, homelessness and illiteracy!  So... bring it on Barack Obama! Now, let's just keep our fingers crossed that it happens.  Even though the polls suggest he is a shoe-in, until I actually see it, I won't believe it.  
Meanwhile, back in the leafy, possum valley of our street, Steve is devoting himself to Movember & has shaved off his beard, leaving a furry little handlebar over his top lip.  It looks ..... strange.  It would take just one gold chain, one satin body shirt & two long sideburns for me to have my home-built porn star/car salesman/1970's wannabe living in this house!  I am not 100% sure I like it.  It's kind of creepy.  I am Very Proud of him though because he's not naturally a crazy prankster & has always controlled his facial hair.  Maybe the current financial crisis is giving him an extra "what the hell" edge?  I wonder if Obama would ever be party to Movember...?  This house smells like cat pee.  What is wrong with our cat Tim?  We are wondering if he has a brain tumour because he is So Affectionate lately.  All smoochy & cuddly. Bizarre!  

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