18 November 2008

Storm damage

Well, so much for the idyllic Sunday afternoon tinkling of pattering rain & radiating lighting The storm just about wiped out the next suburb!  The Gap, just 2kms up the road & where our block of land is located, was pretty well flattened!  The winds were about 130kms/hr and there is total havoc, mayhem and destruction.  Oh dear... :o(  Here are some photos I found on the Courier-Mail website.  Steve couldn't believe it until he went to see it for himself.  He couldn't get in to our block of land as the road was blocked off by fallen trees.  There were new houses completely blown to bits, like matchbox houses. 
I have to go now as My Beloved is squealing about his furry eyebrows needing a trim - if I can possibly drag myself away from this blog any time soon.  Honestly!  Why do men's brows become so wild?  One is worse than the other - bushier.  What's wrong with a visit to the beauty parlour now and then?  Or get them attended to at the barber shop?  Men are so negligent of their appearance aren't they?  Talk about High Maintenance!  

1 comment:

swell said...

YES! there should be a men's Beauty in Bali week...
And, a guaranteed bout of Bali Belly to boot
so your man can come home slimmer, sans bushy and dying for your dietary delights