29 December 2008

By the seaside & back again

These are the BRILLIANT salt'n'pepper shakers my brother gave me for Christmas, to add to my collection.  I am thrilled, though I cannot say the same for Steve...

Hi readers
Apologies for the delay between posts but we've been staying at the seaside (Sunshine Beach to be precise) for the last five days. My brother Hugh & mum Diana came along too so that we could have a great family holiday.  Christmas Day was spent eating delicious salads & prawn cocktails (constructed by Hugh) while tossing down a few glasses of bubbly & snoozing with our Christmas books.
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It was a fantastic holiday - we swam in the crystal clear waters of Sunshine Beach and Tea-Tree Bay within the Noosa National Park, while avoiding sunburn & spotting dolphins, big lizards and two koalas!  Of course, things being the way they've been, it was only natural for me to drive two hours north, only to discover on Christmas Eve at 5pm that I'd left our swimsuits, towels and sun block in the beach basket by the front door.  Well?  After the history of the past week, would you have expected anything less?  Mum had brought two cozzies so I borrowed the one with the built-in cups that I used to carry mangoes to the beach.  I felt like Sophia Loren! 
Here are some more photos from the little holiday.  Unfortunately, it's back to work next week & we're already half way through this week so I feel I need more holiday time.  New Year's Eve tomorrow night, which means I might stay up 'til 10pm to write down the long list of things I want to achieve for 2009.  Or maybe I will just write the list, then put a big cross through it & kick up my heels.  I think I will aim for the latter...  Anyway, photos, photos, photos.  Here they are:
View from Noosa National Park

Hugh, Jen, Steve & Diana having dinner at The Spirit House restaurant, Yandina

My super dessert at The Spirit House - pineapple, mmmmmm
Super-posh iced coffee from a cafe at Sunshine Beach and, below, Tea Tree Bay.

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