08 January 2009

Down a hole

I've fallen down a hole readers & I am not out of it.  As a result, the blog has suffered from lack of attention and for that, I apologise.  I am becoming an expert on apologising lately in actual fact.  I am spending an inordinate amount of time wishing I was elsewhere (ie somewhere COOOOOOOL).  It is 9:19pm & I can feel rivulets of perspiration trickling down my scalp, behind my ears & down my scapulas.  
So, in an attempt to lift the mood, I have semi-attempted to find photos of things that inspire me & will post them on my blog, also as a record that Good Stuff is all around if one just opens one's eyes and mind to it.....  Like this beautiful baby girl who was born a couple of weeks ago & who, I must admit, fills my heart with joy when I see her.  There are photos of other things that make me feel good too but, of course, tonight I can't seem to upload them and, as I am dripping sweat and am a bit tired and morose, it's probably best that I stop while I'm ahead, right? Maybe I will eat a piece of chocolate & read my excellent book, "The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet" by Colleen McCullough, a fabulous tale for any fans of "Pride & Prejudice".  

Scarlett O'Toole/Baker

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swell said...

OH....I thought you had fallen under a heavy piece of furniture and couldn't get up

As for the heat, I live in 37C heat every day and have not had a trickle in I dont know how long.

No A/C?

Is it political? Saving the environment with your carbon credits, or dont you have that little box that pushes out cool air and makes you feel sane.

Response required.