21 December 2008

Christmas amnesia

-  one street directory
-  one plum pudding
-  one four-digit pin number
-  one reasonably competent mind
IF FOUND, PLEASE RETURN ASAP - reward possibly offered 

This is a sweet little movie of my nephew (can I call him that?) bringing a bit of Christmas cheer to us all with his dad, my cousin Jonathan, from their house in Echo Park, LA.  

My most exciting news is that, in a case of Supreme Domestic Goddess-ness, I have successfully created my Christmas balls and they are completely delicious.  So, things are on the up aren't they?  Other exciting news involves the birth of two more friends' babies, Ethan James and Scarlett Baker who are making their internet debut here on The Daily Twinkle.  These two were actually born one day apart & were in the same hospital, two doors down from each other.  It's the first time in my long history of pseudo-parenthood that two of my friends have been in the hospital at exactly the same time so I wish to thank the girls for being so considerate to save me two trips to hospital, trying to find a parking spot! 

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