16 December 2008

Christmas stuffing

I am stuffed.  Like the proverbial turkey but my issue is not with pecans, cranberries or breadcrumbs but with sheer exhaustion.  I have been up since 0415 this morning, when my peepers opened automatically & refused to shut (not sign of Fibonacci today).  Running training brought about 8kms of pure torture and now it's 7pm and I am eyeing off the bed, in a similar way I used to eye off beds when I did night shift.  Here's another mystery:  on Sunday, after the Dash'n'Splash (more on that later) I spotted a car driving by with not one but TWO giant, multi-coloured parrots perched on each of the driver's arms!!  Yes, I really did see that.  My question is this:  what does one do when one wants to make a sudden right turn?  
So, the Dash'n'Splash was a Major Killer, literally (almost).  It was a 5km run at 7am last Sunday through the University of Queensland grounds, followed by a 100m swim.  I have NEVER been so happy to leap into a pool.  The run was pure torture in the heat & the elderly, slightly chubby man I ran alongside most of the way was making terrible grunting noises so that I was in absolute terror of him carking it.  I spent each metre of torture going through the CPR routine.  It was quite stressful - moreso for me than for him! 
These are my running buddies.  They all run much faster than me (one is my coach) but they are very supportive.  In fact, one of them - who came along after this photo - has just about convinced me to run two half marathons and one full marathon next year!  I am not 100% convinced yet & she is having a knee arthroscopy tomorrow, secondary to a running incident so....  See this card below?  It is from one of our patients.  She is most wonderful girl. I say "girl" because she is only about 25 years old and is just recovering from her second bout of cancer.  My boss recently did a bilateral breast reconstruction on her following breast cancer & she sent us this card as well as packet of Haigh's chocolate frogs.  She is a truly inspirational young lady.  Anyway, this card is an absolute hoot isn't it? I thought you might all enjoy it.  

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Anonymous said...

wow, you are such a runner.
thanks for the beautiful cards for the children. that's a great gift.
snowing today in brooklyn, the first snow of the year to stick. i hope you and steve and everyone are well in oz.